The Visita Porta Sancta is a virtual reality made possible for the faithful to visit the jubilee churches of the diocese while in the comfort of their homes. The virtual pilgrimage allows everyone to pray and thank God for the past five hundred years of faith. It also caters the history of the church as well as to look on the important historic artifacts and venerated image of the church.

The virtual pilgrimage begins in front of the Porta Sancta (Jubilee Door), upon entering make the sign of the cross, then, it will lead the pilgrims to the baptistery, where the Christians received the grace of faith and became adopted sons and daughters of God, they will renew their baptismal promises through the recitation of the Apostles’ creed in some church the creed will be recited in front of a crucifix. Proceeding to the sanctuary, each pilgrim is asked to pray for the intentions of the Pope for the universal Church, for the increase of faith, and for the increase of priestly and religious vocations. Afterwards, the virtual pilgrimage closes in the altar dedicated to St. Joseph while reciting a prayer for his intercession.

All faithful who devoutly journey with the virtual reality are asked to go to the sacrament of confession and received the Holy communion in their parish church. Correspondingly, all are encouraged to do an act of charity in their own little ways.